Sefico Nexia recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of users of the Website sefico-nexia.com (hereinafter « the Website ») and is very committed to its security. Thus, access and use of the Website are subject to this privacy policy and personal data protection (hereinafter referred to as « the privacy policy ») which governs how Sefico nexia will collect, process and disclose any personal data you may provide to it on the website sefico-nexia.com.

Detailed below are our Protection Policy of the Private Life and measures for the treatment of cookies. This informs you of your rights and allows you to learn more about the origin and use of navigation information processed in connection with your access to this site sefico-nexia.com.

We may buy advertising space directly or through our suppliers (communications consulting agencies) to promote our activities and offers on websites / applications of others by means of advertising content (text, graphics, animations, videos, etc.) distributed by these sites /applications.

During the consultation of our website and the display of our advertising contents, information relating to the navigation of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) is likely to be recorded in ” Cookies « files installed on your device, subject to the choices which you expressed concerning Cookies and which you can change at any time.

PRIVACY POLICY – MANAGEMENT OF PERSONAL INFORMATION on sefico-nexia.com Sefico Nexia may collect personal data. Information is of a personal nature when we can identify a person directly or indirectly; it may consist in:

An information which you would have transmitted to us by filling in an online form, by registering yourself or subscribing to services, promotions, contests, by answering to an inquiry or by signalling a problem on the Site; Information that you transmit to us in all correspondence with Sefico Nexia or any group company ; Information relating to the contracts that you can enter into on the Site, including the purchase of Sefico Nexia products; Information collected by a cookie (concerning your visits to the site such as your navigation on the Website, your actions, pages viewed, frequency and access dates, etc…) if, by being combined with other information, it allows us to identify you.

This supply of information is voluntary. You will be duly informed beforehand. If you decide to provide information of a personal nature, the compulsory or voluntary nature of fields to be completed will be clearly identified. If you do not wish to provide such data, Sefico Nexia will perhaps not be able to process your request, and notably Sefico Nexia will perhaps not be capable of processing your order.
These data will be used (i) for purposes of customer relations management, and commercial canvassing if you checked the box provided for this purpose (ii) in order to, where appropriate, process your order. The personal information is intended for Sefico Nexia and for its personnel. These data will be disclosed only to third parties involved in the processing of your Sefico Nexia product order (and notably banking institutions, delivery services). All staff and any third parties listed above are subject to strict rules of confidentiality. All these people are subject to confidentiality and security obligations and are required to respect the privacy of the users and/or clients of the Site. Besides, if you have duly provided your agreement, information with personal character will be able to be used in for canvassing purpose by the partners of Sefico Nexia. Finally, in the event that Sefico Nexia and/or or any group company, or all or part of their assets, are acquired by a third party, a list of users of the Site could be included in the transferred assets. Subject to the exceptions listed below, Sefico Nexia does not sell, does not rent, or make available to any third party whatsoever any data with personal character gathered on the Site.

MANAGEMENT OF COOKIES at sefico-nexia.com

We may adapt the offers and advertising which is intended for you to information relating to the navigation of your device on our site or sites or services published by third parties on which we place cookies.

As much as you gave us personal data concerning you, notably your electronic coordinates, during your registration or your access to any of our services, we may, subject to your selection, be associating navigation information relating to your device, processed by the cookies that we issue, with your personal data, so as to send you, for example, electronic surveys or to display on your device, within advertising areas containing cookies that we issue, individual advertising which is specifically intended for you, and likely to interest you personally.

You will at any time be able to ask us to receive no more advertising or surveys tailored to your device navigation information, by contacting us directly and free of charge, or via the unsubscribe link included in any survey we would be likely to send to you by email. Where applicable you may continue to receive the advertisements, unless you object towards us, but they will no longer be adapted to the navigation of your device.


When you are connected to our site sefico-nexia.com, we may, subject to your choices, install various cookies on your device allowing us to recognize the browser on your device for the duration of validity of the cookie concerned. Cookies that we issue are used for the purposes described below, subject to your choices, which result from the settings of your browser, used during your visit to our site.

Cookies that we issue allow us:

– to establish statistics and traffic volume and use of various elements composing our site sefico-nexia.com (headings and content visited, paths), enabling us to improve the value and usability of our services

– to adapt the presentation of our website to viewing preferences of your device (language used, screen resolution, operating system used, etc.) during your visits on our Site, according to hardware and viewing or reading software that your device includes

– storing information relating to a form you completed on our site sefico-nexia.com (registration or access to your account) or to products, services or information that you have chosen on our site sefico-nexia.com (subscribed service, contents of a shopping basket, etc.)

– allow you access to restricted and personal areas of our website sefico-nexia.com, such as your account through identifiers or data you have possibly previously entrusted to us

– to implement security measures, for example when you are prompted to sign in again to a content or service after some period of time.


The issuance and usage of cookies by third parties, are subject to the policies to protect privacy of these third parties. We inform you about the object of the cookies which we know of (cookies Google Analytics, Double Click, Facebook and Addthis) and means which you have to make choices in respect of these cookies.

The advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc) disseminated in our advertising spaces may contain cookies issued by third parties: either with the advertiser at the origin of the advertising contents concerned, or a third party company to the advertiser (communication consulting agency, web analytics company, contractor of directed advertising, etc.), who has associated a given cookie with the advertising contents of an advertiser.

Where appropriate, cookies issued by third parties may allow them, during the period of validity of these cookies:

– to count the Number of Views of advertising content distributed through our advertising spaces,

– to identify advertising thus displayed, number of users having clicked on every advertisement, allowing them to calculate the sums owed thereby and to establish statistics

– to recognize your device during its subsequent browsing on any other site or service on which these advertisers or third parties also issue cookies and,

– where appropriate, adapt these third party sites and services or advertising they disseminate, to the navigation of your device of which they may have knowledge.


Several possibilities are given to you to manage cookies. Any settings which you can undertake will be likely to change your navigation on the Internet and your conditions of access to some services requiring the use of Cookies.

You can make the choice at any time to express and change your wishes regarding cookies, by the means described below.

You can configure your browser so that cookies are stored on your device or, on the contrary, that they are rejected, either systematically, or according to their transmitter. You can also configure your browser so that acceptance or refusal of cookies is offered to you promptly, before a cookie can be saved on your device.

The agreement to cookies

Saving a cookie on a device is essentially subordinate to the will of the device user, who can express himself on, and change setting options at any time and free of charge, through the choices available to him by his browser.

If you, in your browser, accepted storing of cookies on your device, cookies embedded on pages and contents you have visited can be stored temporarily in a dedicated space of your device. They will be legible there only by their transmitter.

The refusal of cookies

If you refuse the storage of cookies on your device, or if you delete those stored there, you will no longer be able to benefit from a number of features that are nevertheless necessary to navigate through certain areas of our website sefico-nexia.com. Such would be case if you tried to access our contents or services which require to identify you. Such would also be case when we – or our contractors – might not be able to identify, for the purpose of technical compatibility, the type of browser used by your device, its language and display settings or the country from which your device is connected to the Internet.

Where applicable, we assume no liability for the consequences related to impaired operation of our services due to the impossibility for us to store or view the cookies necessary for their operation that you have rejected or deleted.

If you do not wish that our advertising areas store cookies on your device for advertising purposes, you can click on this link of deactivation which will store a cookie on your device having as its only object to deactivate the services of advertising adaptation to the advertising areas which we operate.

How to exercise your choices, depending on the browser you are using?

For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser differs. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will let you know how to change your preferences regarding cookies.


For Internet Explorer TM :



  1. Choose the “Tools” menu (or “Tools”), then “Options Internet” (or “Internet Options”). 2. Click the tab ” Confidentiality ” (or “Confidentiality”) 3. Select the desired level with the cursor or click on the “Advanced” button to customize your cookie management.

For Firefox TM :



  1. Choose the “Tools” menu >”Preferences”, then “Option” 2. Click the tab ” Privacy ” 3. In “retention rules” select “Use custom settings for history “. 4. Set the cookie management mode according to what suits you

For Safari TM :



  1. In the menu bar, select the “Edit” menu 2. In the dropdown menu, choose “Preferences…” 3. Select the icon “Security ” 4. Ensure that, under “Accept Cookies “, the option “Always or only from sites you navigate” is checked to allow cookies

For Chrome TM :



  1. Select the menu “Options”>” Advanced options ” 2. Click “Content Settings ” in the section ” Privacy” 3. Section “Cookies”

For Opera TM :



  1. Choose the menu ” File “>”Preferences” 2. Privacy

To know options given by your browser and the modalities of Cookies stored on your device, according to the browser (s) installed on your device, we also invite you to consult the section « your tracks » of the site CNIL (National Commission for IT and Liberties) :  http://www.cnil.fr/vos-libertes/vos-traces/les-cookies/

Note that this procedure will not prevent the display of advertising on your device. It will block the technologies to adapt advertisements to your browser and to your centres of interests.

Attention, the recognition of your wish is based on a cookie. If you delete all cookies stored on your device (via your browser), we – or our contractors – will no longer know that you chose this option.


If your device is used by several persons and when the same device has several browsers, we cannot be sure with certainty that services and advertising intended for your device correspond well to your own use of this device and not to that of another user of this device.

Where applicable, sharing using your device with other people and configuring your browser settings with regard to cookies, are under your choice and your responsibility.