A multidisciplinary group for chartered accounting, auditing, consulting.

For nearly 60 years, Sefico Nexia has been making its experience available to its clients both domestically and internationally.

From the outset, based on the fundamental pillars of chartered accounting and statutory audit, the firm has turned to a dynamic approach for these tasks by developing a high added value through its consultancy interventions.


Resolutely turned towards the multidisciplinary approach of its services, SEFICO knew how to integrate complementary skills into the basic tasks within the team, ensuring a very high level of quality of the works accomplished and considerable expertise.


Member of NEXIA international, 9th worldwide network of auditing and chartered accounting, SEFICO is a preferred partner to support its clients in their developments abroad and/or to assist and orientate foreign companies in their national establishment.


In addition to its own skills, and according to the needs of its clients, SEFICO involves specialised technical partners, notably in the fields of law, taxation, consulting, finance, human resources, information technology, …


Technical expertise, Integrity, Creativity and Solidarity, these are the values that underpin the SEFICO team, and that it implements every day in the service of its clients.