Sefico Nexia in video

The Tales of Sefico Nexia- Web serie

  • The little mermaid and the business plan

    Discover without further delay our web-series where characters from fairy tales face serious accounting problems.

    For this first episode, the Little Mermaid went to our offices to present her business plan ... Objective: that his company does not go bankrupt!

  • Aladdin and the buyout

    "If you want to buy this company at this price, you will have to rub a bunch of lamps! ".
    When Aladdin comes to Sefico Nexia to talk about acquisition, it gives this new episode of our web-series "The Tales of Sefico Nexia"

  • Prince Charming and the VAT

    We do not know if your prince charming will come, but the VAT declaration, for sure! In this new episode of “The tales of Sefico Nexia”, you'll know everything about this obligation for entrepreneurs.