Our mission is to bring concrete answers adapted to the various issues faced by accountants and financial managers in the course of carrying out and producing their consolidated accounts.

Our objective
To support you and ensure your consolidation process

We assist you to confidently achieve your goals by providing you our know-how and expertise in terms of :

  • organisation of the consolidation process and deadlines,
  • quality of the consolidated financial information produced,
  • transfer of skills to your teams.

We make listening to you a priority and work closely with your team to achieve an intervention of closeness and quality.

Our Know-how and expertise

Our team has solid experience acquired in a variety of sectors with groups of listed or unlisted companies. It consists of partners, managers and senior consultants experienced in consolidation, some of whom are IFRS-certified by CSOEC and CNCC.

Our know-how, operational experience and knowledge of groups enable us to provide expertise on complex issues and adapt to your needs.

We can assist you on any part of the process of preparing the consolidated financial information, whether it is established under the French framework (Regulation 99-02) or in accordance with the IFRS framework.

In the event of complex issues (actuarial, consolidation system), we can call on our direct partners as well as our IT department.

We use and know the software of consolidation market leader : SAP B.F.C. (magnitude) and OPERA Amelkis. We are able to assess and determine for you the right software for your operational and functional requirements.

Your conso info